Zebak, Afghanistan

Zebak ( زيباك or زیباک ) (also Zibak or Zebok) is the capital of the Zebak District in the Badakhshan province of Afghanistan. The city is based in the delta of the Sanglich river.

It lies at the foot of the Daliz Pass on one of the natural routes that connects it with Tajikistan approximately 35 kilometers to the north, and with Pakistan which is just 20 kilometers to the south. It has a distinctive landscape and is known for its scenic pasture and natural springs.

Its inhabitants are Ismaili and have a unique language and culture. They speak the Sanglechi-Ishkashmi language.

Nearby villages are Gol Khaneh (1.8 nm), Khal Khan (0.8 nm), Naw Abad (2.0 nm), Ziak (3.7 nm) and Kedah (1.4 nm).

From 2005 on, NGOs have committed a great deal of effort to constructing new roads in the area, with great success. Most of the people in the area live as farmers, growing the land and taking care of great hordes of sheep.


Zebak has a warm, dry-summer continental climate (Köppen climate classification Dsb).