Yazoo may refer to:

Businesses and organizations

  • Yazoo Brewing Company, a brewery in Nashville, Tennessee, United States
  • Yazoo/Kees (originally Yazoo Manufacturing Company), a maker of lawn mowers owned by Husqvarna
  • Yazoo Records, an American record label


  • Yazoo (band), a 1980s English pop band, known as Yaz in Canada and the United States
  • Yazoo (language)
  • Yazoo (drink), a flavoured milk drink made by Campina
  • Yazoo, a character from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children


  • Yazoo Clay, a geologic formation in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi
  • Yazoo County, Mississippi
  • Little Yazoo, Mississippi
  • Yazoo City, Mississippi
  • Yazoo Delta Railroad
  • Yazoo lands, historic area in Mississippi and Alabama, formerly occupied by Yazoo tribe
  • Yazoo River, in the state of Mississippi, United States
  • Yazoo stream, a type of floodplain tributary

    Other uses

  • Yazoo people, a Native American people who lived in Mississippi, United States
  • USS Yazoo, several United States Navy ships
  • Yazoo darter (Etheostoma raneyi) a species of fish endemic to Mississippi, United States
  • Yazoo shiner (Notropis rafinesquei), a species of fish endemic to Mississippi, United States