Xenia may refer to:


  • Xenia (Greek), the ancient Greek concept of hospitality, translated as "guest-friendship"
  • Xenia (hotel), a now-defunct chain of state-owned hotels in Greece
  • Xenia Hotels & Resorts, an Orlando-based hotel company



  • 625 Xenia, an asteroid

    United States

  • Atlanta, Illinois or Xenia, a city in Logan County
  • Xenia, Illinois, a village in Clay County
  • Xenia, Dallas County, Iowa, an unincorporated community
  • Xenia, Hardin County, Iowa, an unincorporated community
  • Xenia, Kansas, an unincorporated community
  • Xenia, Missouri, a former town
  • Xenia, Ohio, a city in Greene County
  • Xenia Township, Greene County, Ohio


  • Xenia (genus), a genus of coral
  • Xenia (plants), pollen effects on seeds and fruits
  • Hypolycaena xenia, a species of butterfly


  • Xenia (automobile), an American car
  • Daihatsu Xenia or Toyota Avanza, a mini MPV
  • USS Xenia (AKA-51), an Artemis-class attack transport

    Other uses

  • Xenia (name), a feminine given name
  • Xenia (emulator), a PC emulator of the Xbox 360 console
  • Xenia (film), a 2014 Greek film
  • Xenia (band), a former Yugoslav band
  • Xenia epigram, an epigram accompanying a present or gift
  • Xenia motif, the representation of a host's generosity to his guests
  • Xenia Orchidacea, a book in three volumes published 1858–1900, by Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach & Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Kraenzlin