With a Smile

With a Smile could refer to:

Film and TV

  • With a Smile (TV series), a Filipino television series
  • With a Smile (film) (Avec le sourire), a 1936 Maurice Chevalier comedy film



  • With a Smile, album by David T. Walker 2007
  • With a Smile and a Song (album), an album by Doris Day


  • "Avec le sourire" ("With a Smile"), 1907 song and comic routine by Maurice Chevalier, after which the 1936 film was named
  • "With a Smile" (Eraserheads song), a song by Filipino band Eraserheads
  • "With a Smile", song by Gladys Knight, composed by Peter Neville, from 1998 album Many Different Roads
  • "With a Smile", song by Ray Stevens from album Be Your Own Best Friend
  • "With a Smile", song by Royal Bliss from 2012 album Waiting Out the Storm
  • "With a Smile and a Song" (song), a song written by Frank Churchill