Rising (Yoko Ono album)

Rising is a 1995 album by avant-garde artist Yoko Ono. Released on 7 November, on Capitol Records, it features the backing band IMA (Japanese for "Now"), which included Ono's son Sean Lennon, Timo Ellis, and Sam Koppelman. The album has sold 11,000 copies in the US to date.

Track listing

All songs written by Yoko Ono. #"Warzone" - 1:55 #"Wouldnit" - 3:02 #"Ask the Dragon" - 4:12 #"New York Woman" - 2:07 #"Talking to the Universe" - 3:31 #"Turned the Corner" - 2:58 #"I'm Dying" - 6:18 #"Where Do We Go from Here?" - 3:02 #"Kurushi" - 7:59 #"Will I" - 2:27 #"Rising" - 14:28 #"Goodbye My Love" - 2:22 #"Revelations" - 5:35 #"Ask the Dragon" (Ween Remix) - 4:49 (Japanese Edition Bonus Track) #"Talking to the Universe" (Cibo Matto Remix) - 4:21 (Japanese Edition Bonus Track)

Rising Mixes (released 3 June 1996)

#"Talking to the Universe" (Cibo Matto Remix) (4.21) #"The Source" (ABA All Stars) (4.58) #"Ask the Dragon" (Ween Remix) (4.49) #"Where Do We Go from Here?" (Tricky Remix) (5.07) #"Rising" (Thurston Moore Remix) (8.48) #"Franklin Summer" (Yoko Ono/IMA)* (30.02)

The ABA All Stars remix is credited to Miho Hatori, Yuka Honda and Sean Lennon (the members of Cibo Matto), as well as Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys. Keiji Haino, Masonna, Monde Bruits, Incapacitants, C.C.C.C., Hanatarash, MSBR, and The Gerogerigegege are also credited as performers in Thurston Moore's remix of "Rising".

A vinyl promo version was released with the track listing:- #"Ask the Dragon" (Ween Remix) (4.49) #"Talking to the Universe" (Cibo Matto Remix) (4.23) #"The Source" (ABA All Stars) (4.58) #"Where Do We Go from Here?" (Tricky Remix) (5.04) #"Rising" (Thurston Moore Remix) (8.48) #"Kurushi (Perry Farrell Mix)" (7.26)


  • Yoko Ono - vocals
  • Sean Ono Lennon - guitars, bass guitar, backing vocals, keyboards
  • Timo Ellis - guitars, bass guitar, drums
  • Sam Koppelman - bass, drums, percussions


  • Yoko Ono, Rob Stevens : Producers
  • Alfred Brand, Chris Habeck, Mike Anzelowitz, Wes Naprstek : Engineers
  • David Ayers : A&R
  • George Marino : Master
  • Rob Stevens, Yoko Ono : Mixing
  • Recorded By [at Broome Street] – Timo Ellis (track : 4)
  • Recorded By [at Quad Recording] – Rob Stevens* (tracks: 1-3,5-13)

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