Why Worry

Why Worry may refer to:

Film and TV

  • Why Worry?, a 1923 Harold Lloyd film


  • Why Worry, a 1986 album by Nana Mouskouri


  • "Why Worry?" (Clannad song), a 1991 single
  • "Why Worry Blues" by Jack Prentice (words) and Bud Shepard, George Webb and Vic Sell (music) for the silent film Why Worry?
  • "Why Worry", a 1952 song by The Andrews Sisters
  • "Why Worry", a 1952 single by Eddie "Piano" Miller
  • "Why Worry", a 1967 song by Aaron Neville Davis, Diamond
  • "Why Worry", a 1973 single by The Africans
  • "Why Worry", a 1977 single by Israel Vibration
  • "Why Worry", a 1985 song by Dire Straits from the album Brothers in Arms
  • "Why Worry", a song by Johnny Maddox And The Rhythmasters
  • "Why Worry", a 2020 song by Isaiah Rashad