What If

What If may refer to:


  • What If... (2010 film), an American Christian drama
  • What If... (2012 film), a Greek film
  • The F Word (2013 film) or What If?, a Canadian-Irish film
  • What If (2006 film), a TV film starring Niall Buggy


  • "What If..." (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • "What If" (Drop Dead Diva), an episode of Drop Dead Diva
  • "What If?" (JAG), an episode of JAG
  • What If... (web series), a 2010 web series by Frank Valentini
  • What/If, a 2019 Netflix series by Mike Kelley
  • What If...? (TV series), an upcoming 2021 animated series produced by Marvel Studios


  • "What If—", a fantasy short story by Isaac Asimov
  • What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions, a book by Randall Munroe
  • What If (comics), comic book series featuring alternate versions of the Marvel Comics universe
  • What If? (essays), an anthology of counterfactual history essays
  • What If? (magazine), a Canadian arts and literature youth magazine
  • What If...? (book), a science fiction anthology edited by Monica Hughes



  • What If? (Kenny Barron album) (1986)
  • What If (Dixie Dregs album) or its title song (1978)
  • What If? (Emerson Drive album) or its title song (2004)
  • What If... (Mr. Big album) (2011)
  • What If (Tommy Shaw album) or its title song "Remo's Theme (What If)" (1985)
  • What If..., a 2003 album by Burns Blue


  • "What If" (112 song) (2005)
  • "What If" (Babyface song) (2001)
  • "What If" (Colbie Caillat song) (2011)
  • "What If" (Creed song) (1999)
  • "What If" (Dina Garipova song) (2013)
  • "What If" (Friends song) (2009)
  • "What If" (Jason Derulo song) (2010)
  • "What If" (Kate Winslet song) (2001)
  • "What If" (Reba McEntire song) (1997)
  • "What If", a song by Aaliyah from Aaliyah
  • "What If", a song by Emilie Autumn from Enchant
  • "What If", a song by Adrienne Bailon from The Cheetah Girls: One World soundtrack album
  • "What If", a song by Armin van Buuren from Imagine
  • "What If", a song by Coldplay from X&Y
  • "What If...?" a song by Control Denied from The Fragile Art of Existence
  • "What If", a song by Esmée Denters from Outta Here
  • "What If", a song by Five For Fighting from Bookmarks
  • "What If?", a song by Godsmack from The Oracle
  • "What If", a song by King Missile from King Missile
  • "What If", a song by Andrew Lippa from The Addams Family
  • "What If?", a song by AJ McLean from Have It All
  • "What If", a song by Nicole Nordemann from Brave
  • "What If", a song by PureNRG from PureNRG
  • "What If", a song by Simple Plan from Simple Plan
  • "What If", a song by Ruben Studdard from Soulful
  • "What If", a song by Ashley Tisdale from Guilty Pleasure
  • "What If", a song by Blanca from Shattered

    Other uses

  • What-if analysis, or sensitivity analysis, the study of how model output varies with changes in input
  • What if chart, a visual tool for modeling the outcome of a combination of different factors
  • WHAT IF software, a molecular modeling and visualization package