What's Going On

What's Going On may refer to:

  • What's Going On (TV series), an American game show
  • What's Going On?, a 2008 tour by British comedian Mark Steel
  • What's Going On (book), a 1997 book collection by Nathan McCall


  • What's Going On (Marvin Gaye album), 1971
  • What's Going On (Johnny "Hammond" Smith album), 1971
  • What's Goin' On (Frank Strozier album), 1977
  • What's Goin' On Ai, a 2006 album by Ai
  • What's Going On (Dirty Dozen Brass Band album), a 2006 album by the Dirty Dozen Brass Band


  • "What's Going On" (Marvin Gaye song), the 1971 single and title track from Marvin Gaye's album of the same name
  • "What's Going On" (Taste song), a 1970 hit single by Taste written by Rory Gallagher
  • "What's Going On" (Casey Donovan song), a 2005 single by Casey Donovan
  • "What's Going On", a 1960 song by Frankie Ford, B-side to "Chinatown"
  • "What's Going On", a song by Canibus from Can-I-Bus
  • "What's Going On", a song by Hüsker Dü from Zen Arcade
  • "What's Goin' On", a 2010 song by Gorilla Zoe
  • "What's Goin' On Here", a 1974 song by Deep Purple
  • "What's Going On?", a 1975 song by Al Stewart from Modern Times
  • "What's Going On", a song by Todrick Hall from Forbidden