Wet may refer to:
  • Moisture, the condition of containing liquid or being covered or saturated in liquid
  • Wetting (or wetness), a measure of how well a liquid sticks to a solid rather than forming a sphere on the surface

    Wet or WET may also refer to:

    Arts and entertainment


  • Wet (video game), a 2009 video game
  • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, a 2003 video game
  • Lula: The Sexy Empire, also titled Wet: The Sexy Empire, a 1998 computer game


  • Wet (band), an American indie pop group
  • Wet (album), by Barbra Streisand
  • "Wet" (Nicole Scherzinger song), a song from the album Killer Love (2011)
  • "Wet" (Snoop Dogg song), the lead single from the album Doggumentary

    Other media

  • Wet (magazine), a magazine about "gourmet bathing" in the late 1970s


  • WET (company), a water feature design firm
  • Wet Lubricants, a brand of personal lubricants


  • Wine equalisation tax (WET), a tax for wine in Australia


  • Wet Mountains, in southern Colorado
  • Wet Moor, an ecosystem in Somerset, UK
  • Wet Lake (Kuyavia-Pomerania Voivodeship), Poland
  • Wet Lake (Warmia-Masuria Voivodeship), Poland
  • Wet Hollow

    In science and technology

  • "Wet", in audio signal processing, a descriptor of audio processed with reverb and delay
  • WET, an acronym for "Write Everything Twice" which can be opposed to DRY (Don't repeat yourself)
  • WET Web Tester, an automated web testing tool
  • Weightless environmental testing, or simulated weightlessness, often achieved via neutral buoyancy simulation
  • Whole effluent toxicity, a measure used by the US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Phencyclidine (PCP), a dissociative anesthetic

    Other uses

  • Wets, members of the British Conservative Party who opposed some of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's policies
  • Wets, opponents of prohibition in the United States
  • Wet market, a type of marketplace specializing in fresh meat, fish, and produce
  • Wat (food), a stew in Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine
  • Western European Time, UTC+00:00, the time zone of Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, the UK and other countries
  • Wetarese language (ISO 639 code), spoken on the island of Wetar, Indonesia
  • Wuest Expanded Translation, a 1961 translation of the New Testament by Kenneth Wuest