Walk Away

Walk Away or Walkaway may refer to:


  • Walkaway, Western Australia, a town in Australia

    Arts and entertainment

    Films and television

  • Walkaway (film), a 2010 film


  • Walkaway (Cory Doctorow novel), a 2017 sci-fi novel by Cory Doctorow
  • The Walkaway, a 2002 novel by Scott Phillps


  • "Walk Away" (Christina Aguilera song), 2002
  • "Walk Away" (Aloha from Hell song), 2008
  • "Walk Away" / "Jailbreak", a 2005 single by Burden Brothers and Supersuckers
  • "Walkaway" (song), a 1996 song by Cast from All Change
  • "Walk Away" (Kelly Clarkson song), 2006
  • "Walk Away" (Cool for August song), 1997
  • "Walkaways", a 1996 song by Counting Crows from Recovering the Satellites
  • "Walk Away" (Paula DeAnda song), 2006
  • "Walk Away" (Five Finger Death Punch song), 2009
  • "Walk Away" (Franz Ferdinand song)
  • "Walk Away" (Funeral for a Friend song), 2005
  • "Walk Away" (Tony Moran song), 2007
  • "Walk Away" (Alanis Morissette song), 1991
  • "Walk Away" (James Gang song), 1971
  • "Walk Away" (Jasmine V song), 2014
  • "Walk Away", a song by Bad Religion from Against the Grain (1990)
  • "Walk Away", a song by Black Sabbath from Heaven and Hell (1980)
  • "Walk Away", a song by Michael Bolton, a cover of a Diane Warren song
  • "Walk Away", a song by The Box
  • "Walk Away", a song by Burden Brothers from Queen O' Spades (2002)
  • "Walk Away", a song by Cheap Trick from Busted (1990)
  • "Walk Away", a song by Nick Dean
  • "Walk Away", a song by Dokken from Beast from the East (1988)
  • "Walk Away", a song by Dropkick Murphys from Blackout (2003)
  • "Walk Away (Maybe)", a song by Good Charlotte from The Chronicles of Life and Death (2004)
  • "Walk Away", a song by Green Day from ┬íTre! (2012)
  • "Walk Away", a song by Ben Harper from Welcome to the Cruel World (1994)
  • "Walk Away", a song by Martina McBride from Shine (2009)
  • "Walk Away", a song by Matt Monro
  • "Walk Away", a song by The Nadas, used on Pinks
  • "Walkaway", a song by Pseudo Echo from Autumnal Park (1984)
  • "Walk Away", a song by the Script from Science & Faith (2010)
  • "Walk Away", a song by September from Love CPR (2011)
  • "Walk Away", a song by Sevendust from Chapter VII: Hope & Sorrow (2008)
  • "Walk Away", a song by Shane Fenton and the Fentones
  • "Walk Away", a song by the Sisters of Mercy from First and Last and Always (1985)
  • "Walk Away", a song by Donna Summer from Bad Girls (1979)
  • "Walk Away", a song by Westlife from World of Our Own (2001)
  • "Walk Away", a song from High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008)


  • Bank walkaway, a decision by a mortgage lender to not foreclose on a defaulted mortgage
  • Walkaway, a mortgage loan borrower who carries out a strategic default
  • WalkAway campaign, also styled #WalkAway, a social media campaign by conservative activist Brandon Straka