Waiting for You

Waiting for You may refer to:


  • Waiting for You (film), a British mystery drama film



  • Waiting for You (Gordon Lightfoot album), 1993
  • Waiting for You (F4 album), 2007
  • Waiting for You (Lindsay Dracass album), 2019


  • "Waiting for You" (Seal song), 2003
  • "Waiting for You" (Sharon O'Neill song), 1981
  • "Waiting for You", 1968 hit song for BZN #24
  • "Waiting for You", a song on the B-side of Andy Gibb's single "Desire"
  • "Waiting for You", a song on Corey Hart's album Boy in the Box
  • "Waiting for You", a song on Golden Earring's album Just Earrings
  • "Waiting for You", a musical piece in The Bodyguard: Original Soundtrack Album, composed by Kenny G
  • "Waitin for You", a song on Demi Lovato's album Confident