Vizcaya may refer to:

  • Biscay, a Basque region and a province of Spain (Vizcaya in Spanish)
  • Vizcaya (Spanish Congress Electoral District)
  • Nueva Vizcaya, a province on Luzon Island, Philippines
  • Nueva Vizcaya, New Spain, colonial province in modern Mexico
  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, an Italian Renaissance-style estate in Miami, Florida, United States; now a Museum and Gardens
  • Vizcaya (Metrorail station), a rapid transit station in Miami, Florida
  • Vizcaya (Spanish cruiser), a Spanish Navy armored cruiser that fought in the Battle of Santiago de Cuba during the Spanish–American War
  • Pierre De Vizcaya (1894–1933), Spanish motor racer
  • Vizcaya, a genus of planthoppers in the family Delphacidae. × Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines : Major Crops ( Rice, tomato, ginger, citrus, cabbage) Secondary Crops ( beans, onions, sweet peas, potato, sweet potato)