Violetta may refer to:
  • Violetta (given name), a female given name
  • Violetta (instrument), 16th-century musical instrument similar to a violin, but with only three strings
  • Violetta (performer) (born circa 1906/07), an American sideshow performer, born Aloisla Wagner
  • Violetta (singer) (5 April 1995), full name Violetta Zironi, Italian singer-songwriter
  • Violetta (telenovela), a Disney Channel original TV series
  • Violetta (soundtrack), soundtrack album to the eponymous series
  • 557 Violetta, a main-belt asteroid
  • La traviata or Violetta, an opera by Giuseppe Verdi

    ;Other uses
  • Darling Violetta, dark pop band based in Hollywood, California
  • Miss Violetta Beauregarde, solo electronic-punk project by Italian performer/model Cristina Gauri
  • Pilodeudorix violetta, or the violet diopetes, butterfly in the family Lycaenidae
  • Peppino e Violetta, English title Never Take No for an Answer aka The Small Miracle, 1950 Italian film directed by Maurice Cloche
  • Vera Violetta, an operetta