Vesania (Latin for insanity) is a Polish extreme metal band. They were formed in 1997 by Orion, Daray, and Heinrich. Later members were Annahvahr and Hatrah, who left the band in 1999 and was replaced by Siegmar.

Their first album, Moonastray, was a split with Black Altar, released in 2002 by Odium Records, exclusively in Poland. The release was limited to 666 copies and each album was signed with blood. 2003 saw the release across Europe of their first full-length album, Firefrost Arcanum, by Empire Records. This was followed by the departure of band member Annahvahr. Their second album God the Lux was released in April, 2005, and shortly thereafter Valeo (Sammath Naur, Mortis Dei) joined the band as lead guitarist. Their third album, Distractive Killusions, was released in 2007 on Napalm Records, from which came their first single Rage of Reason. The vocals include screaming and low growling.


Current members

  • Tomasz "Orion" Wróblewski – guitar, vocals (1997–present)
  • Dariusz "Daray" Brzozowski – drums and percussion (1997–present)
  • Filip "Heinrich" Hałucha – bass guitar (1997–present)
  • Krzysztof "Siegmar" Oloś – keyboards (2000–present)

    Former members

  • Hatrah – keyboards (1998–1999)
  • Filip "Annahvahr" Żołyński – guitar, vocals (1998–2003)
  • Marcin "Valeo" Walenczykowski – guitar (2005–2018; died 2018)

    Live members

  • Sławomir "Mortifer" Arkhangelsky (Архангельский; family name Kusterka) – guitar (2003; died 2013)
  • Kerim "Krimh" Lechner – drums


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