Verde in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Romanian means "Green".

It may refer to:


  • Aguas Verdes, Peru
  • Verde Beach, Portugal
  • Camp Verde, Arizona, United States
  • Campina Verde, Brazil
  • Cape Verde
  • Castro Verde, Portugal
  • Fort Verde State Historic Park, in Camp Verde
  • Verde Island, Philippines
  • Verde River, Arizona
  • Palos Verdes, California
  • Mato Verde, Brazil
  • Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, United States
  • Monte Verde, archeological site in Chile
  • Ponta Verde, a beach in Brazil
  • Rancho Palos Verdes, California
  • Río Verde
  • Val Verde
  • Verde Valley, Arizona, United States


  • Alessandro Verde, Roman Catholic Cardinal
  • Cuerno Verde, Comanche leader
  • Dino Verde, Italian author, lyricist, playwright and screenwriter
  • Gelsomina Verde, Neapolitan victim of the Camorra
  • Juan Andrés Verde, nicknamed "Gordo Verde", former rugby player and current priest with significant presence in Uruguayan media


  • Part of Lloyds Banking Group to be sold due to EU competition regulations
  • Cobra Verde, a German film
  • Verdes FC, a Belize Premier Football League team
  • Palos Verdes High School
  • Plaxton Verde, single-decker bus
  • Kamen Rider Verde, character from Kamen Rider Ryuki
  • Salsa Verde, Italian green sauce
  • Terra Verde, a musical style
  • Verde Canyon Railroad, a heritage railroad in Arizona
  • Vinho Verde, a type of Portuguese wine
  • Verde (grape), another name for the Italian wine grape Verdeca
  • A program by GPU manufacturer Nvidia to release drivers for its mobile range of products.
  • Visualizing Energy Resources Dynamically on the Earth (VERDE), a software visualization and analysis capability of the United States Department of Energy
  • "Verde", a song by J Balvin from Colores, 2020