Valeria may refer to:


  • Valeria (given name), a female given name
  • The gens Valeria, was a family at Rome
  • Saint Valeria (disambiguation), several saints
  • Valeriya, Russian pop star


  • Valeria, a late Roman province in Suburbicaria
  • Valeria, Iowa, United States
  • Valeria, Spain (Roman City), an important Roman city and one of the three major cities (with Segobriga and Ercavica) in the modern province of Cuenca
  • Valeria (fictional planet), a planet in the Lensman universe
  • Valeria, the name of Fay D. Flourite's native world in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
  • 611 Valeria, a 57-km (35-mile) wide asteroid

    Other uses

  • Valeria (Conan the Barbarian), a prominent character in the tales of Conan
  • Valeria (Takemitsu), a 1965 chamber music composition by Tōru Takemitsu
  • Valeria (telenovela), a Spanish telenovela broadcast December 2008 on Univision
  • Valeria (1966 telenovela), a Mexican telenovela
  • Valeria (moth), a genus of moths
  • Legio vigesima Valeria Victrix, a Roman legion, probably raised by Augustus some time after 31 BC