Ultraviolence or Ultra-violence may refer to:
  • A term used in the Anthony Burgess novel A Clockwork Orange and the Stanley Kubrick film of the same name


  • Ultraviolence (band) an industrial/techno band headed by Johnny Violent, AKA Jonathan Casey


  • Ultraviolence (album), a 2014 album by Lana Del Rey
  • The Ultra-Violence, the 1987 debut album by thrash metal band Death Angel


  • "Ultraviolence" (song), a 2014 single by Lana Del Rey
  • "Ultra-Violence", a song by Lower Class Brats from their 1998 album "Rather Be Hated Than Ignored"
  • "Ultraviolence", a song by New Order from their 1983 album Power, Corruption & Lies
  • "Ultraviolence/Screaming", a medly of songs by Scream from their 1983 album Still Screaming
  • "Ultraviolence", a song by Heartsrevolution released in 2008
  • "The Ultraviolence", a song by Joe Stump from his 1993 album Guitar Dominance!


  • Ultraviolence, a hardcore wrestling style in Combat Zone Wrestling
  • Ultra-violence, is the second hardest difficulty mode in the 1993 video game Doom, and the third hardest difficulty mode in the 2016 video game Doom