Twist may refer to:

In arts and entertainment

Film and stage

  • Twist (2003 film), a 2003 independent film loosely based on Charles Dickens' novel Oliver Twist
  • Twist (2020 film), a 2020 modern rendition of Oliver Twist starring Michael Caine.
  • The Twist (film), a 1976 film co-written and directed by Claude Chabrol
  • Twist (stage play), a 1995 stage thriller by Miles Tredinnick
  • Twist, the main character on television series The Fresh Beat Band and its spin-off Fresh Beat Band of Spies
  • Oliver Twist (disambiguation), name of several film, television, and musical adaptations based on Charles Dickens' novel Oliver Twist
  • Jack Twist, a character in the 2005 film Brokeback Mountain
  • Twist Morgan, a character in the television series Spaced


  • Twist (album), a 1994 album by New Zealand singer-songwriter Dave Dobbyn
  • The Twist (album), a 1984 album by Danish indiepop band Gangway
  • "The Twist" (song), a song by Hank Ballard, covered by Chubby Checker, a hit in 1960
  • "The Twist", a song from the album Grow Up and Blow Away by Metric
  • "The Twist", a song from the album Coming Back Hard Again by hip hop band The Fat Boys
  • "Twist" (Phish song), from the 2000 album Farmhouse by Phish
  • "Twist" (Goldfrapp song), a single from the 2003 album Black Cherry by Goldfrapp
  • Twist, an album by Chris & Cosey
  • "Twist" (KoRn song), from the 1996 album Life Is Peachy by metal band Korn
  • "Twisting", a song from the album Flood by They Might Be Giants
  • Twist (band), a rock band from Birmingham, England, UK

    Other media

  • Twist ending, an unexpected conclusion or climax to a work of fiction
  • Twist (magazine), an American teen magazine
  • Twist (Cano novel), a novel by Harkaitz Cano
  • Twist (Östergren novel), a novel by Klas Östergren
  • Oliver Twist, a novel by Charles Dickens, and its main character
  • Alexander "Chimp" Twist, a minor character from P. G. Wodehouse


  • Transaction Workflow Innovation Standards Team (TWIST), a non-profit financial industry standards group
  • Operation Twist, an effort (in 1961, and again in 2011) by the U.S. Federal Reserve to lower long-term interest rates

    Mathematics, science, and technology

  • Twist (mathematics) a geometric quantity associated with a ribbon
  • Twist (screw theory), in applied mathematics and physics
  • Twist (software), a test automation solution by ThoughtWorks Studios
  • Ellipse Twist, a French hang glider
  • Twist fungus (Dilophospora alopecuri)
  • Twisting properties, in statistics
  • Twist transcription factor, a gene protein


  • Barry McGee (born 1966), also known as Twist, painter and graffiti artist
  • Tony Twist (born 1968), Canadian hockey player
  • Leroy "Twist" Casey (born 1973), disk jockey
  • Liz Twist (born 1956), British Member of Parliament


  • Twist, Arkansas, a city in the United States
  • Twist, Germany, a municipality in Lower Saxony

    In sport

  • Aerial twist, an acrobatic maneuver in gymnastics
  • Twist lifts, a type of lift in pairs figure skating

    Other uses

  • Twist (cocktail garnish), a decorative piece of citrus zest
  • Twist (dance), a rock and roll dance
  • Twist (poker), a special round in some variants of stud poker
  • Twist (ride), a popular amusement ride, often seen on travelling funfairs
  • Twist (confectionery), a Norwegian bag of sweets, now produced in Sweden
  • French twist (hairstyle), a hair styling technique
  • Twist tobacco, a type of chewing tobacco