Tweet and Lovely

Tweet and Lovely is a 1959 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Friz Freleng.


Sylvester (who lives in an apartment building next to Tweety's yard) hears Tweety singing and looks through the window with his telescope. Tweety sees him, grabs a towel, exclaims "I taw I taw a peeking tom cat!", and shuts the door after saying "That nasty old peeking tom cat!".

Sylvester sees Spike the bulldog sleeping next to the pole that holds Tweety's birdhouse. He sneaks and climbs the pole. Hector awakens and pulls him down. Sylvester smiles and pushes Hector's straight face into a happy face, but Hector changes his face to furious and chases him back to his apartment.

Sylvester uses a grabber to grab Tweety. Tweety avoids it until Hector climbs up a ladder and uses the grabber to knock Sylvester repeatedly against the wall, while Tweety scolds Sylvester saying, "Bad Old Puddy Tat!".

Sylvester builds a robot dog, but it attacks him, so he destroys it with a baseball bat.

Sylvester makes a smoke bomb and dashes into the smoke-covered yard, bumping into Hector, who then pounds him before sending him out of the yard.

Sylvester uses a pogo stick to approach Tweety's birdhouse, passing Hector and grabs Tweety. As he is about to pogo away, Hector opens a manhole. Sylvester falls in and he nicely makes Tweety escape but, Hector drops the lid with 4 holes on Sylvester's head.

Sylvester makes a storm cloud formula to prevent Hector from coming, but he trips, creating a storm in his room instead.

Sylvester makes himself invisible using vanishing cream, hits Hector with a brick and grabs Tweety. As Sylvester climbs down the pole, Tweety wonders why he is floating. Hector sprays Sylvester with green paint, forces him to give him Tweety and punches the cat out of the yard.

In a final attempt to get ride of Hector, Sylvester makes a bomb camera, but Sylvester trips down the stairs causing it to explode. Sylvester appears with angel wings, saying "Hmph! It's a good thing pussycats have got 9 lives".