Turn It Up

Turn It Up may refer to:

Film and television

  • Turn It Up (film), a 2000 drama/musical movie
  • Turn It Up!, an American television game show
  • Turn It Up! (Australian TV series), a 1990s Australian music television show



  • Turn It Up (Pixie Lott album), or the title song (see below)
  • Turn It Up (Rare Essence album)
  • Turn It Up (Shannon Noll album)
  • Turn It Up (Josh Thompson album), or the title song
  • Turn It Up (Treacherous Three album), or the title song
  • Turn It Up! The Very Best of Busta Rhymes, or the title song (see below)
  • Turn It Up, by IG Culture (recording as NSM)
  • Austin & Ally: Turn It Up, 2013


  • "Turn It Up" (Brandy song)
  • "Turn It Up" (Chamillionaire song)
  • "Turn It Up" (The Feeling song)
  • "Turn It Up" (Johntá Austin song)
  • "Turn It Up" (Paris Hilton song)
  • "Turn It Up" (Peter Andre song)
  • "Turn It Up" (Pixie Lott song)
  • "Turn It Up" (Sean Paul song)
  • "Turn It Up" (Texas Hippie Coalition song)
  • "Turn It Up" (T.O.P song)
  • "Turn It Up" (Ultra Naté song)
  • "Turn It Up" (Wanessa Camargo song)
  • "Turn It Up (Remix)/Fire It Up", by Busta Rhymes
  • "Turn It Up (R.O.N.N. & CeCe Peniston song)", a song by Ron Carroll and CeCe Peniston, originally titled "In Love with a DJ"
  • "Turn It Up", by Alan Parsons from Try Anything Once
  • "Turn It Up", by Alesha Dixon from Fired Up
  • "Turn It Up", by The Bamboos
  • "Turn It Up", by Blur from Modern Life Is Rubbish
  • "Turn It Up", by Ciara from Basic Instinct
  • "Turn It Up", by Grum
  • "Turn It Up", by Kyle
  • "Turn It Up", by Masta Ace Incorporated from Sittin' on Chrome
  • "Turn It Up", by Mishon Ratliff
  • "Turn It Up", by Ricki-Lee Coulter from Ricki-Lee
  • "Turn It Up", by Robots in Disguise from Get RID!
  • "Turn It Up!", by Sonic Syndicate from We Rule the Night
  • "Turn It Up", by Stereos from Stereos
  • "Turn It Up", by Technotronic
  • "Turn It Up", by Ted Nugent from Free-for-All
  • "Turn It Up", by X-Wife from Side Effects