Tshombe Government

The Tshombe Government ( Gouvernement Tshombe ) was the set of ministers that governed the Democratic Republic of the Congo under the leadership of Prime Minister Moïse Tshombe from 1964 to 1965.


On 6 July 1964 President Joseph Kasa-Vubu named Moïse Tshombe formateur of a new provisional government until elections could be organized as per the Luluabourg Constitution. With the exception of André Lubaya, none of the ministers had ever held a comparable office.


The government initially consisted of the following persons:


#Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Information, Minister of Labour, Minister of the Post Office, and Minister of Telecommunications Moïse Tshombe (CONAKAT) #Minister of Interior and Public Functions Godefroid Munongo (CONAKAT) #Minister of Finance Dominique Ndinga (ABAKO) #Minister of Justice Leon Mambeleo (independent) #Minister of Agriculture Albert Kalonji (RADECO) #Minister of Economics Jean Ebosiri (CDA) #Minister of Transport, Minister of Communications, Minister of Public Works Jean-Leon Kidicho (Front Commun) #Minister of National Education Frederic Baloji (CDA) #Minister of Mines, Land, and Energy Adolphe Kishwe (Front Commun) #Minister of Youth and Sports Joseph Ndanu (PUNA) #Minister of Public Health André Lubaya (CNL)


As prime minister, Tshombe briefly enjoyed a substantial amount of popularity among the crowds of Léopoldville. However, the positive feeling surrounding his assumption of the premiership eroded relatively quickly.