Trouble Waiting to Happen

"Trouble Waiting to Happen" is a humorous song from the Warren Zevon album Sentimental Hygiene. As the title would suggest, the song's theme is about the narrator describing various troubles that are facing him. These include the third and fourth world wars and being slandered in the Rolling Stone (With Zevon commenting on what he had supposedly done as sounding "like a lot of fun"). The line may be a reference to the fact that after disappointing sales of his The Envoy album, Asylum Records dropped Zevon, but never told him about what they had done. He found out in the end by reading the gossip column of the Rolling Stone. The song ends with a warning that trouble is waiting to happen to us all, and a repeated chorus of the song's title.Category:Warren Zevon songs Category:1987 songs Category:Songs written by J. D. Souther Category:Songs written by Warren Zevon Category:Song recordings produced by Niko Bolas