Transmission (festival)

Transmission Festival (also known as Transmission) is a large indoor trance music event originally based in Prague, Czech Republic at the O2 Arena. In March 2014, the festival was held for the first time in Bratislava, Slovakia. Leaving Europe's shores for the first time, in July 2016 the festival was held in Melbourne, Australia. In March 2017 the festival extended further by visiting Bangkok, Thailand and returned to Melbourne, Australia in September. In 2018, the festival returned to Bangkok, Thailand, hosted two days at Germany's AirBeat One Festival near Neustadt-Glewe, and debuted in Shanghai for its first edition in China. In March 2019, the festival returned to Australia to Sydney Showground.

It is famous for its spectacular laser show. Markus Schulz frequently headlines the festival around the world.


File:Transmission 2007.jpg|Transmission Prague 2007 File:Transmission 2008.jpg|Transmission Prague 2008 File:Transmission 2009.jpg|Transmission Prague 2009 File:Transmission 2010 - stage.jpg|Transmission Prague 2010 File:Transmission 2011 - stage.jpg|Transmission Prague 2011 File:Transmission 2012 - stage.jpg|Transmission Prague 2012 File:Transmission 2013.jpg|Transmission Prague 2013 File:Transmission 2014.jpg|Transmission Prague 2014 File:Transmission 2015.jpg|Transmission Prague 2015 File:Transmission 2016.jpg|Transmission Prague 2016 File:Transmission 2017.jpg|Transmission Prague 2017 File:Transmission Prague 2018 - Liquid Soul.jpg|Transmission Prague 2018 File:Transmission Prague 2018.jpg|Girl in front of the lasers at Transmission Festival