Tilo Wolff

Tilo Wolff (born 10 July 1972 in Frankfurt am Main) is a German musician who currently lives in Switzerland. His longest-running project is the band Lacrimosa, which since its debut in 1990 has produced 11 albums, which embrace a diverse range of gothic, darkwave and orchestral musical styles. Wolff composes, arranges, and writes the lyrics for almost all of Lacrimosa's songs, as well as singing, and playing piano. Wolff is an artist and has contributed to the design of the album sleeves' designs.

In the year Lacrimosa was founded, Wolff founded the Independent record label, "Hall of Sermon" to finance Lacrimosa without being dependent on outside record companies. Hall of Sermon now has eight darkwave bands other than Lacrimosa on its books, including Dreams of Sanity and Girls Under Glass.

In 2004, Wolff founded Snakeskin, another band, which diverts significantly from Lacrimosa's music.

Wolff was also the manager of the German band Cinema Bizarre.

As well as this, he also DJs, playing festivals and clubs across Europe.


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