Till the Day I Die

Till the Day I Die is a 1935 Broadway seven-scene drama written by Clifford Odets, produced by the Group Theatre and staged by Cheryl Crawford. It ran for 136 performances from March 26, 1935 to July 1935 at the Longacre Theatre.

It was originally written as a piece to accompany Waiting for Lefty.


  • Margaret Barker as Tillie
  • Abner Biberman as fourth Orderly
  • Roman Bohnen as Major Duhring
  • Lee J. Cobb as Detective Popper
  • William Challee as Edsel Peltz
  • Russell Collins as Schlupp
  • Walter Coy as Karl Taussig
  • George Heller as Secretary
  • Elia Kazan as Baum and as other prisoner
  • Alexander Kirkland as Ernst Taussig
  • David Kortchmar as Zeltner and as second detective
  • Gerrit Kraber as third orderly and as first detective
  • Lewis Leverett as Captain Schlegel
  • Bob Lewis as Martin and as an orderly
  • Lee Martin as Stieglitz
  • Paula Miller as woman
  • Paul Morrison as other prisoner
  • Ruth Nelson as woman
  • Dorothy Patten as Frau Duhring
  • Wendell K. Phillips as boy
  • Herbert Ratner as Adolph
  • Samuel Roland as first orderly and as Arno
  • Eunice Stoddard as Zelda
  • Harry Stone as another orderly and as second orderly
  • Bernard Zanville as Julius