This Is It

This Is It may refer to:


  • This Is It (novel), a 1996 novel by Joseph Connolly
  • This Is It, a 1956 novel by Hal Ellson


  • This Is It (TV series), a 2016–2017 Nigerian television drama series that began as a web series before airing on LowlaDee TV
  • This Is It, a 1960s Australian program aired on ATV
  • This Is It!, a Filipino television program broadcast by Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation
  • "This Is It", the theme song for the U.S. sitcom One Day at a Time
  • "This is it", an episode of One Day at a Time (2017 TV series)
  • "This Is It", the theme song of The Bugs Bunny Show
  • Diz Iz It, a variety show in the Philippines
  • Zehu Ze! (literally This is it! in English), a television series in Israel, 1978–1998



  • Michael Jackson's This Is It (album)
  • This Is It (concert residency), a 2009–2010 planned series of concerts
  • Michael Jackson's This Is It, a 2009 film documenting Jackson's rehearsals for the concerts
  • This Is It (Bride album)
  • This Is It (Jack Ingram album)
  • This Is It (Jimmy Ibbotson album)
  • This Is It: The Best of Faith No More, an album
  • This Is It! (The A&M Years 1979–1989), an album by Joe Jackson
  • This Is It!, an album by Betty Davis
  • This Is It (Melba Moore album), an album released by Melba Moore in 1976


  • "This Is It" (Michael Jackson song)
  • "This Is It", a 1984 unreleased Michael Jackson song unrelated to the above song
  • "This Is It" (Melba Moore song), the title song, also covered by Dannii Minogue in 1993
  • "This Is It" (Kenny Loggins song)
  • "This Is It" (Jim Reeves song)
  • "This Is It" (Staind song), from The Illusion of Progress
  • "This Is It", a song by Ryan Adams from Rock n Roll
  • "This Is It", a song by Jay and the Americans
  • "This Is It", a song by Innosense from So Together
  • "This Is It" (Scott McCreey song)


  • This is It! (bar), the oldest continually-operating gay bar in the state of Wisconsin.
  • This Is It Collective, a group of filmmakers best known for creating the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared series