The Moment

The Moment may refer to:


Albums and songs

  • The Moment (Kenny Barron album), a 1994 album
  • The Moment (Framing Hanley album), 2007
  • The Moment (Kenny G album), 1996 album
  • The Moment (Jimmy MacCarthy album), 2002
  • The Moment (Manafest album), 2014
  • The Moment (Lisa Stansfield album), 2004
  • The Moment (Stefanie Sun album), 2003
  • The Moment (Aaron Yan album), 2012
  • The Moment, a 2010 album by Atomic Tom
  • "The Moment" (Kenny G composition), a 1996 instrumental
  • "The Moment", a song by SafetySuit from the 2008 album Life Left to Go
  • "The Moment", a song by Tame Impala from the 2015 album Currents

    Film and television

  • The Moment (1979 film), a 1979 Romanian film
  • The Moment (2013 film), a 2013 American film
  • The Moment (U.S. TV series), a 2013 American reality television series
  • The Moment (New Zealand TV series), a 2018 New Zealand comedy television series


  • "The Moment (story), a science fiction short story by Lawrence M. Schoen
  • The Moment (band), a UK mod band from the 1980s
  • The Moments (band), an R&B vocal group