The Mail Man

The Mail Man is an extended play by American rapper E-40. It was released by Sick Wid It Records in 1993 on LP's and cassette's. The album features production by Mike Mosley, Sam Bostic, Studio Ton and E-40. It peaked at number 13 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and at number 131 on the Billboard 200.

Along with a single, a music video was produced for the song, "Captain Save a Hoe", featuring The Click. Also released as a b-side on the same single, "Practice Lookin' Hard", was produced as a music video and features cameo appearances by Boots Riley, 2Pac, Celly Cel and Spice 1. "Ballin' Out of Control" was later re-released on E-40's 1998 double disc set, The Element of Surprise.

Jive Records reissued The Mail Man in 1994 with an alternate track listing.


Some feminists critiqued the song "Captain Save a Ho," which chastizes men for taking care of a woman and children that are not his own. Davarian Baldwin notes that it portrays black women as gold-diggers who use their sexuality to take black men's meager earnings. In the pimps up, draws down bargain rappers engaged in with their groupies, to be a "Captain Save a Hoe" by parting with hard-earned dollars came to be viewed as worse than being a "mark" or a "busta". The song was praised by critics for its 1970s-sounding "radio-friendly, laid-back groove".

Track listing

Original Sick Wid It release

Jive Reissue