The Letter

The Letter may refer to:


  • "The Letter" (poem), a poem by Wilfred Owen (1893–1918)
  • "The Letter", a short story in W. Somerset Maugham's 1926 collection The Casuarina Tree
  • "The Letter", 38th sura of the Qur'an
  • The Letters (novel), 2008 romance novel


  • The Letter (play), a 1927 drama by W. Somerset Maugham from his own short story of the same name


  • The Letter (1929 film), directed by Jean de Limur starring Jeanne Eagels, adapted from the Somerset Maugham play
  • The Letter (1940 film), directed by William Wyler starring Bette Davis, also adapted from the Somerset Maugham play
  • The Letter (1982 film), 1982 TV film
  • The Letter (1997 film), a South Korean film also known as Pyeon ji
  • The Letter (2004 film), a Thai remake of the 1997 Korean film, also known as Jod mai rak
  • The Letter (1999 film), a Portuguese film
  • The Letter (2003 film), American documentary about immigration in Maine
  • The Letter, a 2002 short film directed by Dylan Griffith starring Blaine Hogan
  • The Letter (2012 film), an American film starring Winona Ryder and James Franco
  • The Letters (2014 film), film based on the life of Mother Teresa
  • The Letter (Sinhala film), an upcoming Sinhala-language film


  • The Letter (Judy Garland album), 1959
  • "The Letter" (Box Tops song), 1967, later covered by Joe Cocker
  • The Letter/Neon Rainbow, a 1967 album by the Box Tops
  • "The Letter" (Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn song), 1976
  • "The Letter", a 2003 song by A-Teens
  • "The Letter," a song by Outkast from their 2003 album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
  • "The Letter", a song by PJ Harvey from her 2004 album Uh Huh Her
  • "The Letter", a song by James Morrison from his 2006 debut album Undiscovered
  • "The Letter" (Midnight Youth song), 2008
  • "The Letter" (Hoobastank song), 2009
  • "The Letter" (The Veils song), 2009
  • The Letter (opera), a 2009 opera to be presented by the Santa Fe Opera and based on the 1927 play by W. Somerset Maugham
  • The Letter (Avant album), 2010
  • The Letter (Cosa Brava album), 2012
  • "The Letter", a 2013 single from Davichi
  • The Letter (Lemar album), 2015


  • The Letter, a 1982 television movie starring Lee Remick
  • "The Letter" (Seinfeld), a 1992 episode of the TV series Seinfeld
  • "The Letter", an episode of the TV series Miracles (2003)

    Video games

  • The Letter (2014 video game), a 2014 mystery horror video game for the Wii U eShop
  • The Letter (2017 video game), a 2017 cross platform horror visual novel