The Last Enemy

The Last Enemy may refer to:


  • The Last Enemy (autobiography), a 1942 autobiographical book by pilot Richard Hillary
  • "Last Enemy", a 1950 science fiction short story by H. Beam Piper
  • A science fiction short story in Barry B. Longyear's collection The Enemy Papers
  • A novel about a young Englishman by Leonard Strong
  • The Last Enemy (play), a 1929 play by Frank Harvey


  • The Last Enemy (TV series), a 2008 drama series about post-7/7 Britain
  • "The Last Enemy" (Space: 1999), an episode of the 1975–77 science fiction series Space: 1999
  • "The Last Enemy" (Inspector Morse), a 1989 episode of the British crime series
  • An episode of the American adventure series Kodiak

    Other uses

  • The Last Enemy (film), a 1938 Italian film directed by Umberto Barbaro
  • A song on the Arch Enemy album Rise of the Tyrant
  • A comic in the series Chronicles of Wormwood