The Hungry Wolf

The Hungry Wolf is a 1942 one-reel animated cartoon short subject from MGM. It tells the story of an old hungry wolf who one day, while starving during a cold winter, meets with a rabbit and is struggling between his instincts and conscience.


Once in a cold winter, an old wolf was hungry in earnest. But he is out of food, and begins starve and hallucinating, seeing a rope as sausages and a rolling pin as an ear of corn. A young rabbit, lost in the snow, comes in, and the wolf eyes him hungrily. The rabbit is amazingly polite, and just before the wolf is about to cook him and eat, asks the wolf to be his father. The hungry wolf can't bring himself to eat him and instead angrily sends him away. But he remains hungry and begins to get angry, because hunger will not stop, so he sets out in search of the rabbit. The rabbit's mother in a fit of worry sets out to find her son and indeed does but with the wolf lying next to him, having collapsed from the presumed cold. They carry him back home with them and give a him a blanket a tub of hot water to warm up his feet and some turkey to satisfy his hunger much to his joy.