Thank You

"Thank you" is a common expression of gratitude. It also often refers to a thank you letter, a letter written to express appreciation.

Thank You or Thank U may also refer to:

Film and television


  • Thank You (1925 film), an American film directed by John Ford
  • Thank You (2011 film), a Bollywood romantic comedy
  • Thank You (2013 film), a Malayalam drama thriller film


  • Thank You (TV series), a 2007 South Korean television series
  • "Thank You", an episode of the third season of Adventure Time
  • "Thank You" (The Walking Dead), an episode



  • Thank You (Declan Galbraith album), 2006
  • Thank You (Duran Duran album) or the title song, 1995
  • Thank You (Jamelia album) or the title song (see below), 2003
  • Thank You (Meghan Trainor album) or the title song, 2016
  • Thank You (Royal Trux album), 1995
  • Thank You (Stone Temple Pilots album), 2003
  • Thank You (Zemfira album) or the title song, 2007
  • Thank You (compilation album), from the record label Temporary Residence Limited, 2004
  • Thank You (For Letting Us Be Ourselves), by Hardcore Superstar, 2001
  • Thank You...Goodnight!, by Great White, 2002
  • Thank U (album), by CNBLUE, 2010
  • Thank You, by Michael Schenker, 1993
  • Thank You, by Monkey Majik, 2006
  • Thank You, by Nicoleta Alexandru, 2009
  • Thank You, by Puffy AmiYumi, 2011
  • Thank You or the title song, by Ray Boltz, 1988


  • Thank You (EP) or the title song, by Jamala
  • Thank You, by Bombadil, 2012
  • Thank You, by Shaun Fleming, 2011


  • "Thank You" (Amy Diamond song), 2008
  • "Thank You" (Bow Wow song), 2001
  • "Thank You" (Boyz II Men song), 1995
  • "Thank You" (Busta Rhymes song), 2013
  • "Thank You" (Dido song), 1998
  • "Thank You" (Estelle song), 2011
  • "Thank You" (Hellyeah song), 2008
  • "Thank You" (Jamelia song), 2004
  • "Thank You" (Led Zeppelin song), 1969
  • "Thank You" (Lena Meyer-Landrut song), 2019
  • "Thank You" (MKTO song), 2012
  • "Thank You" (Sevendust song), 2015
  • "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)", by Sly and the Family Stone, 1969
  • "Thank You (for Loving Me at My Worst)", by The Whitlams, 1999
  • "Thank U", by Alanis Morissette, 1998
  • "Thank You", by Alcazar from Disco Defenders
  • "Thank You", by Amanda Lear
  • "Thank You", by Ana Moura from Desfado, originally by David Poe
  • "Thank You", by Angie Stone from Black Diamond
  • "Thank You", by Bobby Womack from My Prescription
  • "Thank You", by Bobbysocks!
  • "Thank You", by Bonnie Raitt from Bonnie Raitt
  • "Thank You", by Chris Cornell from Songbook
  • "Thank You", by Celine Dion from Loved Me Back to Life
  • "Thank You", by Commodores from Rock Solid
  • "Thank You", by Gentle Giant from Giant for a Day!
  • "Thank You", by Helen Reddy from Ear Candy
  • "Thank You", by Ice Prince from Everybody Loves Ice Prince
  • "Thank You", by Jane Child from Jane Child
  • "Thank You", by Jay-Z from The Blueprint 3
  • "Thank You", by Johnny Reid from Kicking Stones
  • "Thank You", by Keith Urban from Defying Gravity
  • "Thank You", by KMFDM from Money
  • "Thank You", by Leona Lewis from I Am
  • "Thank You", by Logic from YSIV
  • "Thank You", by Lou Bega from Lounatic
  • "Thank You", by Mary Mary from Incredible
  • "Thank You", by Mike Posner from At Night, Alone.
  • "Thank You", by Nicky Byrne from Sunlight
  • "Thank You", by Noni Răzvan Ene
  • "Thank You", by Norman Bedard
  • "Thank You", by Paul Kelly from The Merri Soul Sessions
  • "Thank You", by Paul Revere & The Raiders from Alias Pink Puzz
  • "Thank You", by Philip Bailey from Triumph
  • "Thank You", by Psy from PsyFive
  • "Thank You", by Ray J from Everything You Want
  • "Thank You", by The Redwalls from De Nova
  • "Thank You", by Roscoe, featuring Kendrick Lamar
  • "Thank You", by Sarah Connor from Naughty but Nice
  • "Thank You", by Shaggy from Shaggy & Friends
  • "Thank You", by Shinhwa from Winter Story
  • "Thank You", by Simple Plan from Still Not Getting Any...
  • "Thank You", by Simply Red from Love and the Russian Winter
  • "Thank You", by Sister Hazel from Fortress
  • "Thank You", by The Slackers from The Great Rocksteady Swindle
  • "Thank You", by Strawbs from Bursting at the Seams
  • "Thank You", by Super Junior from Don't Don
  • "Thank You", by Swans from Filth
  • "Thank You", by Westlife from Turnaround
  • "Thank You", by The Wilkinsons from Home
  • "Thank You", by Will Young from 85% Proof
  • "Thank You", by Willie Nelson from Angel Eyes
  • "Thank You", by Xzibit from Full Circle
  • "Thank You", by Yolanda Adams from Believe
  • "Thank You (Dedication to Fans...)", by Christina Aguilera from Back to Basics
  • "Thank U", by Ayumi Hamasaki from Love Songs