Tension may refer to:


  • Psychological stress
  • Tension (physics), a force related to the stretching of an object (the opposite of compression)
  • Tension (geology), a stress which stretches rocks in two opposite directions
  • Voltage or electric tension, the difference in electric potential energy between two points


  • Tension (music), the perceived need for relaxation or release created by a listener's expectations
  • Suspense, the feeling of uncertainty and interest about the outcome of certain actions an audience perceives
  • Tension (film), a 1949 film by John Berry
  • Tension (Taiwanese band), a Taiwanese a cappella group and boy band
  • Tension (hardcore band), an American hardcore punk band


  • Tension (Dizmas album), a 2007 album by Dizmas
  • Tension (Bakufu Slump album), 1994
  • Tension (Die Antwoord album), 2012


  • "Tension", a song by Avenged Sevenfold from Diamonds in the Rough
  • "Tension", a song by Killing Joke from What's THIS For...!
  • "Tension", a song by Korn from The Path of Totality
  • "Tension", a song by Orbital from The Altogether
  • "Tension", a song by Scullion from the 1980 album Balance and Control
  • "Tension", a song by Susumu Hirasawa from Paranoia Agent Original Soundtrack
  • "Tension (Interlude)", a song by Børns from Blue Madonna

    Other uses

  • Tension (knitting), a factor that affects knitting gauge
  • Tenseness, in phonetics, a phonological quality frequently associated with vowels and occasionally with consonants
  • Muscle tone or residual muscle tension, a partial contraction of the muscles
  • The Void (video game), also known as Tension in some regions