Take Care

Take Care may refer to:

  • Take Care (album), a 2011 album by Drake
  • "Take Care" (song), its title song
  • Take Care (film), a 2014 comedy-drama film
  • "Take Care", a 1956 song by Jane Morgan
  • "Take Care," a 1978 song by Big Star from Third
  • "Take Care", a 2006 song by Janet Jackson from 20 Y.O.
  • "Take Care", a 2010 song by Beach House from Teen Dream
  • "Take Care", a 2011 song by Jennifer Lopez from Love?
  • "take care", a 2018 song by Eden from vertigo
  • Take Care, a program developed by primatologist Jane Goodall for creating microcredit banks and educating conservation methods to inhabitants near forests and national parks, such as Gombe National Park