Tabu may refer to:

Cultural and legal concepts

  • Taboo (spelled tabu in earlier historical records), something that is unacceptable in society
  • Tapu (Polynesian culture) (also spelled tabu), a Polynesian cultural concept from which the word taboo derives
  • Tapu (Ottoman law) (also tabu), a permanent lease of state-owned arable land to a peasant family in the Ottoman Empire
  • Toubou people of Africa


  • Tabu (actress) (born 1971), Indian actress
  • Tabu Ley Rochereau (1937–2013), Congolese musician
  • Tabu Taid (born 1942), Indian educationist, writer and scholar
  • Tabu Abdallah, Burundian politician and former finance minister for Burundi

    Film and television

  • Tabu (1931 film), a 1931 award-winning film directed by F. W. Murnau
  • Tabu (2012 film), a 2012 Portuguese film
  • Tabu (TV series), a Finnish dark comedic show
  • Tabu the Jungle Wizard, a superpowered jungle hero comic book character created by Fletcher Hanks


  • Tabu, a 2017 album by Timoteij
  • Tabu, a 2017 album by Lana Jurčević
  • Tabu, a 2018 album by Michelle
  • "Tabú" (song), a 2019 song by Pablo Alborán and Ava Max
  • Tabu Records, an American record label founded in 1975
  • Tabu Records (Denmark), founded by the Danish group Suspekt in 1998
  • Tabu Recordings, an independent Norwegian record label founded in 2003

    Other uses

  • Tabu search, a mathematical optimization method
  • Tabu by Dana, a perfume and cosmetics line from the 1930s manufactured by House of Dana
  • Tabu (Romanian magazine), owned by Realitatea-Cațavencu