TAL or Tal may refer to:


  • Ralph M. Calhoun Memorial Airport (IATA code: TAL), in Tanana, Alaska
  • TAL – Transportes Aéreos Ltda, the original name of TAC – Transportes Aéreos Catarinense, a Brazilian airline
  • 'TAL effector, a family of DNA binding proteins with high sequence specificity
  • Terai Arc Landscape, a trans-border protected ecosystem of Nepal and India
  • The Alberta Library, a not-for-profit library consortium
  • This American Life, a radio and television program
  • Tokyo Ai-Land Shuttle, a helicopter passenger service in the Izu Islands, Japan
  • Tower Australia Life, an insurance company in Australia owned by Dai-ichi Life
  • Transalpine Pipeline, a crude oil pipeline
  • Transitional Administrative Law of Iraq
  • Transoceanic Abort Landing for the Space Shuttle
  • Triacetic acid lactone, an organic compound
  • Tyrosine ammonia lyase, an enzyme

    Programming languages

  • Template Attribute Language
  • Transaction Application Language, Tandem's system programming language
  • Typed assembly language


  • Tal, Madhya Pradesh, India, a town
  • Tal, Hormozgan, Iran, a village
  • Tal or Tall, Semnan, Iran, a village


  • Tal: His Marvelous Adventures with Noom-Zor-Noom, a 1929 fantasy adventure novel by Paul Fenimore Cooper
  • A main character from Garth Nix's The Seventh Tower series
  • Tal (album), a 1956 album by American jazz guitarist Tal Farlow


  • Tal (name), a list of people with either the given name or surname
  • Tal (singer) (born 1989), Israeli-French pop singer

    Other uses

  • Tal language, spoken in Nigeria
  • Tal, a traditional Korean mask
  • Tal (painting), a 1999 painting by Neo Rauch