Sugar daddy

Sugar daddy or sugar daddies may refer to:
  • Sugar Daddy (candy), a caramel lollipop
  • Sugar daddy (slang term), a man who offers support (typically financial and material) to a younger companion

    Arts and entertainment


  • Sugardaddy, a UK band
  • Sugar Daddy Live, a 2011 live album by the Melvins
  • "Sugar Daddy" (The Bellamy Brothers song), a 1980 single by The Bellamy Brothers
  • "Sugar Daddy" (Jackson 5 song), a 1971 single by The Jackson 5
  • "Sugar Daddy" (Thompson Twins song), a 1989 single by Thompson Twins
  • "Sugar Daddy" (1999 song), a song from the off-Broadway show and film Hedwig and the Angry Inch
  • "Sugar Daddy", a song by Fleetwood Mac from their 1975 album Fleetwood Mac
  • "Sugar Daddy", a single by Nina Sky
  • "Sugar Daddy", a song by Laika from their album Silver Apples of the Moon
  • "Sugar Daddy", a song by The Badloves
  • "Sugar Daddy", a song by AC/DC
  • "Sugar Daddy", an unrealeased song by Freebass
  • "Sugar Daddy", a song by Richie Sambora from his album Aftermath of the Lowdown
  • "Sugah Daddy", a song by D'Angelo from his album Black Messiah
  • "Sugar Daddy" (Mýa song)

    Other uses in arts and entertainment

  • Sugar Daddies, a 1927 Laurel & Hardy film
  • Sugar Daddies (play), a 2004 play by Alan Ayckbourn
  • "Sugar Daddy" (Ugly Betty), a 2009 episode of Ugly Betty
  • Sugar Daddy, a 2007 novel by Lisa Kleypas
  • "Sugar Daddy" (Black-ish)