Suddenly may refer to:

Film and television

  • Suddenly (1954 film), an American film noir directed by Lewis Allen
  • Suddenly (1996 film), an American television film directed by Robert Allan Ackerman
  • Suddenly (2002 film) (Tan de repente), an Argentine-Dutch film directed by Diego Lerman
  • Suddenly (2006 film), a Swedish film directed by Johan Brisinger
  • Suddenly (2013 film), a Canadian film directed by Uwe Boll, a remake of the 1954 film
  • "Suddenly" (Grey's Anatomy), a television episode



  • Suddenly (Arrogance album), or the title song, 1980
  • Suddenly (Billy Ocean album), or the title song (see below), 1984
  • Suddenly (Caribou album), 2020
  • Suddenly (J-Walk album), or the title song, 2002
  • Suddenly (Marcus Miller album), or the title song, 1983
  • Suddenly (The Sports album), or the title song, 1980
  • Suddenly (EP), by Allstar Weekend, 2010


  • "Suddenly" (Angry Anderson song), 1987
  • "Suddenly" (Arash song), 2008
  • "Suddenly" (Ashley Tisdale song), 2008
  • "Suddenly" (Billy Ocean song), 1985
  • "Suddenly" (BT song), 2010
  • "Suddenly" (LeAnn Rimes song), 2003
  • "Suddenly" (Les Misérables), from the 2012 film
  • "Suddenly" (Olivia Newton-John and Cliff Richard song), 1980
  • "Suddenly" (Sean Maguire song), 1995
  • "Suddenly" (Soraya song) ("De Repente"), 1996
  • "Suddenly" (Toni Braxton song), 2006
  • "Suddenly", by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club from Take Them On, On Your Own
  • "Suddenly", by Creed from Full Circle
  • "Suddenly", by Ryan Ferguson from Three, Four
  • "Suddenly", by Solveig from the Help! I'm a Fish film soundtrack
  • "Suddenly", by tobyMac from Portable Sounds