Stripsearch (song)

"Stripsearch" is a song from Faith No More's studio album, Album of the Year, and was released as a single on January 12, 1998. It was the last single from the album to be released prior to the band splitting up, although another single would be released later, a cover of "I Started a Joke" by the Bee Gees.

Musical style

The song was based on a song written by guitarist Jon Hudson, composed in simple MIDI format, hence the heavy electronic sound.

Music video

The video for "Stripsearch" was filmed in Berlin. It was directed by Philipp Stölzl, based on a screenplay written by Billy Gould. In the video, Mike Patton walks through parts of the city. At about halfway through he arrives at a military checkpoint and stands at the back of a queue also containing the other members of the band. When he reaches the front, he hands over his passport for inspection. The man inspecting it finds something wrong with the papers and calls the guards on Patton, who tries to get away and is pinned to the floor at gunpoint and arrested. The video then shows still images set earlier in the day, highlighting previously unseen details that point to Patton being a criminal.

Track list

#"Stripsearch" #"Collision" (Live from Night Town, Rotterdam on August 27, 1997) #"The Gentle Art of Making Enemies" (Live from Night Town, Rotterdam on August 27, 1997) #"Ashes to Ashes" (Live at Phoenix Festival '97 on July 27, 1997)