Straight to Hell

Straight to Hell may refer to:

  • "Straight to Hell" (song), a 1982 song by The Clash
  • "Straight to Hell" (Drivin N Cryin song), a 1989 song by Drivin N Cryin, also recorded by Darius Rucker
  • Straight to Hell (film), a 1987 independent action-comedy film directed by Alex Cox :* Straight to Hell (soundtrack), the soundtrack of the 1987 film
  • "Straight to Hell", a song on the 2001 album Welcome to the Other Side by German heavy metal band Rage :* "Straight to Hell", the 2005 music video for the Rage song
  • Straight to Hell (album), a 2006 album by Hank Williams III
  • Straight to Hell (Kathy Griffin special), a 2007 comedy special by stand-up comic Kathy Griffin
  • Straight to Hell (magazine), a gay pornographic magazine edited and published by Boyd McDonald
  • Headfirst Straight to Hell, the fifth and final full-length album by Grade in 2001