Straight for the Heart

Straight for the Heart ( À corps perdu ) is a 1988 Canadian/Swiss French-language drama film. It was filmed in Montreal, It is based on Yves Navarre's novel "Kurwenal". It was selected in the official competition of the Venice Film Festival, and the official competition at the Chicago International Film Festival.


Pierre (Habich) is a photojournalist from Montreal who's working on a reportage in Nicaragua. There he sees many people being executed and he takes photographs of them, even of the death of a young child and of his mother crying.

Back home in Montreal, his ten-year bisexual ménage à trois is over. Sarah (Tremblay) and David (Voita) have moved out, leaving Pierre wondering why. Pierre is haunted by his experiences and memories of war, and those of his relationship with Sarah and David. The memories in his mind are mostly shown in black and white movies with emotional background music. After some time stalking David and Sarah with his photo camera, he meets the young deaf-mute Quentin (Pichette). After a while, he's able to begin a new life with Quentin.


  • Matthias Habich as Pierre Kurwenal
  • Johanne-Marie Tremblay as Sarah
  • Michel Voïta as David
  • Jean-François Pichette as Quentin
  • Kim Yaroshevskaya as Noemie
  • Jacqueline Bertrand as Mere
  • France Castel as Michele
  • Pierre Gobeil as Le patron
  • Victor Désy as Dr. Ferron
  • Mimi D'Estée as Dame agee
  • Louise Caron as Unnamed role
  • Louise Marleau as Unnamed role
  • Marilyn Gardner as Unnamed role
  • Albert Millaire as Unnamed role
  • Jean Gascon as Unnamed role


    In 1989, the film was nominated for several Genie Awards.
  • Genie Award for Best Achievement in Art Direction/Production Design - Vianney Gauthier - Nominated
  • Genie Award for Best Achievement in Cinematography - Pierre Mignot - Nominated
  • Genie Award for Best Achievement in Editing - Michel Arcand - Nominated
  • Genie Award for Best Motion Picture - Robin Spry, Denise Robert - Nominated
  • Genie Award for Best Music Score - Osvaldo Montes - Nominated

    The film also won Premiere Magazine’s first prize at the Festival de la francophonie de Namur (in Belgium) and the award of excellence at the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax. It was screened at the Venice Film Festival.