Stigma or plural stigmata, stigmas may refer to:

  • Social stigma, the disapproval of a person based on physical or behavioral characteristics that distinguish them from others


  • Stigmata, bodily marks or wounds resembling the crucifixion wounds of Christ
  • A badge of shame, or stigma, an insignia, badge, brand, or designator of infamy or disgrace


  • Stigma (anatomy), a small spot, mark, scar, or minute hole
  • Stigma (botany), part of the female reproductive part of a flower
  • Pterostigma, a cell in the outer wing of insects


  • Stigma (letter), a ligature of the Greek letters sigma and tau (ϛ), also used as the Greek numeral 6

    Arts, entertainment and media


  • Stigma, a 1963 book written by Erving Goffman
  • Stigma, a Japanese manga story by Kazuya Minekura

    Film and television

  • Stigma (1972 film), a film featuring Philip Michael Thomas
  • Stigma (1977 film), originally broadcast as part of the BBC's Ghost Story for Christmas series
  • Stigma (2013 film), a Nigerian drama film
  • "Stigma" (Star Trek: Enterprise), a 2003 second-season episode of Star Trek: Enterprise


  • Stigma (band), an Italian band
  • Stigma (EMF album), 1992
  • Stigma (Mind Assault album), 2008
  • Stigma, a 2005 album by Yōsei Teikoku
  • "Stigma", a 2016 song by BTS from Wings
  • "Stigma", a 2010 song by Noisia from Split the Atom


  • Stigma (wrestler), American professional wrestler
  • Stigma (luchador), Mexican professional wrestler