Step Inside

Step Inside was a British children's television programme produced by Tricorn Productions for CBeebies in 2002. It was last repeated in July 2010. There have been no VHS or DVD releases of the show, but most of the episodes have surfaced online.

The only human character in the show is Mr Mopple (portrayed and voiced by Chris Jarvis), a groundsman. Whilst doing his jobs, Mr Mopple unknowingly hears a noise from the house which tells him there must be a story to be narrated. The house magically appears to come to life with a CGI face appearing on the house. As he steps inside, a face appearing on the outside wall saying, "Step inside, all those who love stories, look, and listen, we've tales to tell, of fun, excitement, magic, adventure, tears, fears and laughter. Surprises as well. Step Inside."

Inside the house are the non human characters, which use a mix of animated faces and puppet hands:
  • Twinkle, an animated cat
  • Boris, an anthropomorphised bookcase
  • Chloe, an anthropomorphic clock

    Boris, the bookcase, provides a book, and Mr Mopple sits down to narrate the story. The characters themselves often argue among themselves, along with Mr Mopple keeping the peace. Mr Mopple provides an array of voices for every character in the book while narrating. When Mr Mopple has finished narrating the story, he leaves the magic house, (despite the face on the outside wall closing its eyes and disappearing entirely) and goes back to work.

    Episodes, authors and illustrators

    These are the episodes book titles, authors & illustrators for each episode.

    #Pass the Jam, Jim: Kaye Umansky and Margaret Chamberlain #When Will It Be Spring?: Catherine Walters #Lucky Mucky Pup: Ken Brown #You Can Swim, Jim: Kaye Umansky & Margaret Chamberlain #The Ugly Duckling: Ian Beck #Is That What Friends Do?: Marjorie Newman & Peter Bowman #Chicken, Chips and Peas: Allan Ahlberg & Andre Amstutz #A Duck So Small: A.H. Benjamin & Elisabeth Holstien #The Jelly Monster: Mike Ratnett & Jonathan Bentley #I Don't Want to Have a Bath: Julie Sykes & Selina Young #Grandmother and I: Helen E. Buckley & Jan Ormerod #Pig Trouble: Barbara Mossmann & Werner Farber #Oonga Boonga: Frieda Wishinsky and Carol Thompson #Farmer Duck: Martin Waddell & Helen Oxenbury #The Best Loved Bear: Diana Noonan & Elizabeth Fuller #Dad! I Can't Sleep: Michael Foreman #I Want a Cat: Tony Ross #The Scarecrow's Hat: Ken Brown #Stone Soup: Tony Ross #Look! Look!: Michael Foreman #Stripe: Joanne Partis #Flop-Ear: Guido Van Genechten #Bear's Eggs: Ingrid and Dieter Schubert #Isabel's Noisy Tummy: David McKee #Rum-Te-Tum Ted: Sally Grindley & Peter Utton #The Gruffalo: Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffter #Something Special: Nicola Moon & Alex Ayliffe #Little Blue Car: Gwen Grant & Susan Hellard #A Summery Saturday Morning: Margaret Mahy & Selina Young #My G-r-r-r-r-reat Uncle Tiger: James Riordan & Alex Ayliffe #Little Mouse and the Big Red Apple: A.H. Benjamin & Gwyneth Williamson #Charlie's Choice: Nicola Smee #All By Myself: Ivan Bates #Scraps: Mark Foreman #Not Now, Bernard: David McKee #Blue Rabbit and Friends: Chris Wormell #Pete and Polo and the Washday Adventure: Adrian Reynolds #Tidy Up, Trevor: Rob Lewis #Super Dooper Jezebel: Tony Ross #The Lion and the Mouse: Aesop and Bernadette Watts #The Perfect Pet: Peta Coplans #The Great Goat Chase: Tony Bonning and Sally Hobson #Mum's Late: Elizabeth Hawkins #Need a Trim, Jim: Kaye Umansky & Margaret Chamberlain #Mrs Mopple's Washing Line: Anita Hewett and Robert Broomfield #Home Before Dark: Ian Beck #Mr Davies and the Baby: Charlotte Voake #Don't Do That!: Tony Ross #Please, Princess Primrose!: Vivian French and Chris Fisher