Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned may refer to:

Film and television

  • Stay Tuned (film), a 1992 American film directed by Peter Hyams
  • Stay Tuned (TV series), a Canadian comedy television series
  • "Stay Tuned" (The Avengers), an episode of The Avengers 1960s TV series
  • Stay Tuned!, a 2019 Japanese drama series based on a manga by Noriko Sasaki distributed globally by Netflix.
  • Stay Tuned, a daily NBC News program distributed through Snapchat since 2017. It is hosted by Gadi Schwartz, Savannah Sellers, and Lawrence Jackson.


  • Stay Tuned (Sharon, Lois & Bram album), 1987
  • Stay Tuned (Chet Atkins album), 1985
  • Stay Tuned, a 2000 album by Let's Go Bowling
  • Stay Tuned, a 2007 album by Mark Radice
  • "Stay Tuned", a song by Glay
  • "Stay Tuned", a track on 1992 album Daily Operation by Gang Starr
  • "Stay Tuned", a track on 2005 The Find (Ohmega Watts album)
  • "Stay Tuned", a track on 2007 album Comicopera by Robert Wyatt
  • "Stay Tuned", a track on 2009 album ''Evolution of a Man]] by Brian McKnight
  • "Stay Tuned", a track on 2001 album Smiling & Waving by Anja Garbarek
  • "Stay Tuned", a track on 2013 album Last Patrol by Monster Magnet
  • "Stay Tuned", 2009 single by Exile (producer)