Stability may refer to:


  • Stability theory, the study of the stability of solutions to differential equations and dynamical systems
  • Asymptotic stability
  • Linear stability
  • Lyapunov stability
  • Orbital stability
  • Structural stability
  • Stability (probability), a property of probability distributions
  • Stability (learning theory), a property of machine learning algorithms
  • Stability, a property of sorting algorithms
  • Numerical stability, a property of numerical algorithms which describes how errors in the input data propagate through the algorithm
  • Stability radius, a property of continuous polynomial functions
  • Stable theory, concerned with the notion of stability in model theory
  • Stability, a property of points in geometric invariant theory
  • K-Stability, a stability condition for algebraic varieties.
  • Bridgeland stability conditions, a class of stability conditions on elements of a triangulated category.


  • In atmospheric fluid dynamics, atmospheric stability, a measure of the turbulence in the ambient atmosphere
  • BIBO stability (Bounded Input, Bounded Output stability), in signal processing and control theory
  • Directional stability, the tendency for a body moving with respect to a medium to point in the direction of motion
  • Elastic stability, the resistance of a structural member to buckling
  • Flight dynamics, including longitudinal static stability
  • Nyquist stability criterion, defining the limits of stability for pole-zero analysis in control systems
  • Relaxed stability, the property of inherently unstable aircraft
  • Ship stability in naval architecture includes
  • Limit of positive stability, the angle at which a boat will no longer stay upright
  • Stability conditions (watercraft) of waterborne vessels
  • Slope stability, a property of soil-covered slopes
  • Stability Model of software design

    Natural sciences

  • Band of stability, in physics, the scatter distribution of isotopes that do not decay
  • Chemical stability, occurring when a substance is in a dynamic chemical equilibrium with its environment
  • Thermal stability of a chemical compound
  • Kinetic stability of a chemical compound
  • Stability constants of complexes, in solution
  • Convective instability, a fluid dynamics condition
  • Ecological stability, measure of the probability of a population returning quickly to a previous state, or not going extinct
  • Plasma stability, a measure of how likely a perturbation in a plasma is to be damped out

    Exercise and sports medicine

  • Core stability of the abdominal muscles
  • Joint stability in the musculoskeletal system

    Social sciences

  • Economic stability, the absence of excessive fluctuations in the macroeconomy
  • Hegemonic stability theory, a theory of international relations
  • Mertens-stable equilibrium, called "stability" in game theory


  • The Stability EP, a 2002 three song EP by Death Cab for Cutie
  • "Stability", a song by Debbie Harry from the album Debravation
  • "Stability" (short story), by Philip K. Dick

    Other uses

  • Stability (wine)