Slow an' Easy

"Slow an' Easy" is a song by the English hard rock band Whitesnake, released as the fourth and final single from their 1984 album Slide It In. The album provided the group with a commercial breakthrough in the United States, and this specific song, which was released as a promo single, became a hit on rock radio. "Slow an' Easy" and previous single "Love Ain't No Stranger" reached #17 and #34 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, respectively.

The song was co-written by singer David Coverdale and guitarist Micky Moody, who was the only original member, besides Coverdale, left in the band. Moody was possibly the one that influenced the bluesy style of "Slow An' Easy"; most of the material on Slide It In took influence from contemporary melodic hard rock in terms of sound, in contrast to the earlier, blues rock based albums of the band.

In 25th Anniversary Edition of Slide It In, Coverdale comments on the songs recording by saying:

"Slow & Easy was recorded at 4 in the morning in Munich after a serious night's partying...Most of the vocals is just a live 'jam' lyric I made up to inspire the band as we recorded...I played around with the lyric later to try and make some sense of it..."

Although Moody did co-write and play the song, he soon left the band after the album's release. When guitarist John Sykes joined the band, Moody's guitars were replaced by Sykes' (along with Colin Hodgkinson's bass tracks being replaced by Neil Murray's, and Jon Lord's keyboards by Bill Cuomo). The song also features drumming by Cozy Powell. Most of the song features him kicking the bass drum, with some fills thrown in between the verses. A more basic drum beat is only prominent in the chorus and during the guitar solo.

A music video was also made for the song, which also helped to expose American audiences to Whitesnake. The music video features the band performing the song on a stage, which is inter-cut with scenes of a car crash and a woman whose necklace is strangling her.

Track list

#Slow an' Easy (LP Version) - 6:08 #Slow an' Easy (Edit) - 4:12


UK release

  • David Coverdale – lead vocals
  • Micky Moody – guitars
  • Mel Galley – guitars, backing vocals
  • Colin Hodgkinson – bass
  • Cozy Powell – drums
  • Jon Lord – keyboards

    US release

  • David Coverdale – lead vocals
  • John Sykes – guitars
  • Mel Galley – guitars, backing vocals
  • Neil Murray – bass
  • Cozy Powell – drums
  • Jon Lord – keyboardsCategory:Whitesnake songs Category:1984 songs Category:Song recordings produced by Martin Birch Category:Songs written by Micky Moody Category:Songs written by David Coverdale Category:Blues rock songs Category:Hard rock songs Category:Geffen Records singles Category:Songs about sexuality