Sirrah (band)

Sirrah (also spelled SIRRAH, or SIЯRAH, as on their logo) is a progressive gothic metal band from Southwestern Poland. They formed in 1992, released two albums, and disbanded in 1999 due to financial issues. Their music includes elements from death metal, doom metal, and later industrial metal. After their break up, Tom (vocals), Matt (death vocals, guitar), and Chris (keyboards) went on to form a progressive/avant-garde Industrial metal band called The Man Called TEA. The band reunited in 2013 and immediately began recording new material, releasing a downloadable single on their new website.


Current line-up

  • Roman Bereźnicki - bass guitar, vocals
  • Michał Bereźnicki - drums
  • Paweł Nafus - guitars
  • Roger Trela - guitars
  • Krzysztof Passowicz - keyboards
  • Magdalena Brudzińska - violin, vocals
  • Tomo Żyżyk - vocals

    Past members

  • Sławomir Lisiecki - bass guitar
  • Christopher - bass guitar
  • Bartosz "Bart" Rojewski - drums
  • Maciej "Matt" Pasiński - guitars
  • Bai'Sahr - guitars
  • Maggie - vocals