Sir Georg Solti International Conductors' Competition

The Sir Georg Solti International Conductors' Competition is a German competition for conductors that occurs biennially in Frankfurt, at the Alte Oper. The cooperating music organisations are the Frankfurter Opern- und Museumsorchester and the hr-Sinfonieorchester. The competition was founded in memory of Sir Georg Solti, who led the Frankfurt Opera during 1952–1961. The patroness of the competition is Valerie, Lady Solti, the widow of Sir Georg Solti.


  • 2002 2nd prize: Tomáš Netopil (Czech Republic). 3rd prize: Ching-Po Paul Chiang (Taiwan) and Ruben Gazarian (Armenia).
  • 2004 1st prize: James Gaffigan (United States) and Ivo Venkov (Bulgaria). 2nd prize: Johannes Gustavsson (Sweden).
  • 2006 1st prize: Shi-Yeon Sung (Korea) 2nd prize: Shizuo Z Kuwahara (United States). 3rd prize: Matthew Coore (Australia).
  • 2008 1st prize: Shizuo Z Kuwahara (United States). 2nd prize: Eugene Tzigane (United States). 3rd prize: Andreas Hotz (Germany).
  • 2010 1st prize: José Luís Gómez Ríos (Spain). 2nd prize: Kevin Griffiths (Great Britain). 3rd prize: Tito Muñoz (United States).
  • 2012 1st prize: Daye Lin (China). 2nd prize: Daniel Smith (Australia). 3rd prize: Brandon Keith Brown (United States).
  • 2015 2nd prize: Tung-Chieh Chuang (Taiwan) and Elias Grandy (Germany). 3rd prize: Toby Thatcher (Australia).
  • 2017 1st prize: Valentin Uryupin (Russia). 2nd prize: Wilson Ng (Hong Kong). 3rd prize: Farkhad Khudyev (Turkmenistan).