Side by side

Side by side or side-by-side may refer to:


  • Side-by-side assembly, technology which enables the simultaneous running of multiple versions of a software component in Microsoft Windows
  • Side-by-side seating, an alternative to a tandem (or in tandem) arrangement
  • Side-by-side elements in pair skating
  • Air Command Commander Side-By-Side, an American gyroplane design
  • Side-by-side shotgun, a type of double-barreled shotgun
  • A type of refrigerator, in which the refrigerator occupies one side, and freezer compartment is on the other.
  • Side by Side (UTV), a utility terrain vehicle

    Film, television and video games

  • Side by Side (film festival), an international LGBT film festival in Russia
  • Side-by-side (graphic), a method of airing commercials on sports telecasts
  • Side-by-side display, a method of displaying 3D content
  • Side by Side (1975 film), a 1975 film with Barry Humphries
  • Side by Side (2012 film), a 2012 documentary film by Christopher Kenneally
  • "Side by Side" (The Price Is Right), a segment game on the American television game show The Price Is Right
  • Side by Side (TV series), a British sitcom from 1992 to 1993
  • Side by Side, a 1988 TV movie with Milton Berle
  • Lado a Lado (meaning Side by Side), Brazilian telenovela produced in 2012
  • Side by Side (game series), a 2005 racing game series by Taito Corporation


  • Side by Side (band), an American hardcore punk band
  • Side by Side by Sondheim, a 1976 stage show in tribute to Stephen Sondheim


  • Side by Side (Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges album), 1959
  • Side by Side (Oscar Peterson and Itzhak Perlman album), 1994
  • Side by Side Pat Boone album
  • Side By Side (Richie Cole and Phil Woods album), 1980


  • "Side by Side" (1927 song), a song by Gus Kahn and Harry Woods, popularized by Kay Starr
  • "Side by Side" (Earth, Wind & Fire song), 1983
  • "Side by Side" (Feeder song), 2011
  • "Side by Side", a song from Rebecca St. James' 1994 album Rebecca St. James
  • "Side by Side", a song from Will Young's 2002 album From Now On
  • "Side by Side by Side", a song from the musical comedy Company