Shake may refer to:
  • Handshake
  • Milkshake
  • Tremor
  • Shakes (wood), cracks in timber
  • Shake (shingle), a wooden shingle made from split logs

    Shake, The Shakes, Shaking, or Shakin' may refer to:


  • Shake, Zimbabwe
  • Shake, another name for Sake language, used in parts of Gabon


  • Shakin' Stevens (b. 1948), Welsh rock and roll singer
  • Anthony "Shake" Shakir, Detroit techno producer
  • Master Shake, a character in Aqua Teen Hunger Force
  • Sheikh Abdullah Ahmad or Shake (singer), Malaysian singer


  • The Shake (dance), a fad dance of the 1960s
  • The Shake (American rock band)


  • Shake (The Thing album) (2015)
  • Shake (John Schlitt album) (1995)
  • Shake! (album) (1968), by the Siegel–Schwall Band
  • Shake (2001), by Zucchero Fornaciari
  • Shakin' (album), 1986 work by country music group Sawyer Brown
  • The Shake (Laurie Johnson), an LP by Laurie Johnson, the base of what is now known as "The Avengers Theme"


  • "Shake" (Sam Cooke song) (1964), notably covered by Otis Redding
  • "Shake!" (The Time song) (1990)
  • "Shake" (EliZe song) (2004)
  • "Shake" (Ying Yang Twins song) (2005)
  • "Shake" (Jesse McCartney song) (2010)
  • "Shake" (Little Boots song) (2011)
  • "Shake" (Flavour N'abania song) (2012)
  • "Shake" (CNBLUE song) (2017)
  • "Shake" (1981), by GQ
  • "Shake" (1993), from the album Concentration by Machines of Loving Grace
  • "Shake" (1999), by Double
  • "Shake" (2009), by Chae Yeon
  • "Shake" (2009), from The Alesha Show: The Encore by Alesha Dixon
  • "Shake" (2013), by Victoria Justice
  • "Shake" (2013), from Let's Be Still by The Head and the Heart
  • Shakin' (Eddie Money song), 1982 song by Eddie Money
  • Shakin' (Sawyer Brown song)
  • "Shakin'", a song on the 2000 album Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia by the Dandy Warhols
  • "The Shake" (Kisschasy song)
  • "The Shake" (Neal McCoy song)


  • Camera shake, an effect fixed with image stabilization
  • Shake (company), a legal document startup
  • Shake (software), an image-compositing package produced by Apple Inc
  • Shake (unit), an informal unit of time equal to ten nanoseconds
  • SHAKE algorithm, a time integration algorithm for molecular dynamics simulation